We are welcoming new and returning members

We are welcoming new & returning members

All Classes will be run, compliant with current Covid 19 Regional Victorian Restrictions.

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Class Descriptions


A 30 minute high intensity interval training class using bodyweight exercises

Functional Fitness Training

Functional Fitness Training incorporates the latest in group personal training drills and functional exercises to make you better at the Sport of Life.


Our boxing for fitness classes involve focus pad work, boxing bags, boxing specific drills and are 60 minutes in duration.


A 45 minute power, circuit class, using functional exercises & training equipment, such as battle ropes, kettlebells, sandbags & slamballs, to work muscle and boost metabolism


These classes involve a crossfit style workout & strength exercises, often using barbells, kettlebells & dumbells. A class for those who like to be challenged, in their own workouts.

Obstacle Training

An hours worth of specific Obstacle Race skill training, using our custom made obstacles.

Core Strength

A 30 minute session, that will work your core strength. Exercises will aim to target all the muscles from between the knees and shoulders, both anterior (front) and posterior (back).


Our state of the art Bike Erg's from Concept 2, are not your average spin bike. With more resistance, our 45 minute Bike Erg classes can be categorised as high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T), but with low impact.


This 45 minute class will teach you the correct techniques of different kettlebell exercises & how to maximise a full range of motion & proper form.


A 60 minute mash up of exercises, using different Circuit styles. Anything goes in this class!

Exercise is therapy for the mind, body and soul